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Better Fly 2.0 with 4 x Acetal Trays

Better Fly 2.0 with 4 x Acetal Trays


A great tool for the use in your lab that will make closing sample vials a dream. Comes with 4 acetal trays that hold 6 vials each.

  • Better Fly 2.0: The Ultimate Vial Closing Tool

    Welcome to Better Fly 2.0! Our cutting-edge tool is designed to transform the closing of your sample vials into a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable experience.



    Designed, machined, and assembled in the UK, with acetal press head for its excellent wear properties and chemical resistance.

    • solid 6mm thick aluminium base
    • silicon anti-slip feet, good chemical resistance
    • acetal press head- machined from a single piece of acetal 
    • solid Ø12mm machined aluminium shaft
    • press throat height- max. 71mm, min. 46mm
    • handle-Ø21mm, moulded Duroplast for durability
    • weight 599g
    • L 145 x W 220 x H 108mm


    Single Vial Closing:

    • Closing one vial at a time has been proven to be the safest method to prevent leaks.
    • Guarantees a secure seal for each sample.


    Efficiency and Satisfaction:

    • The tray system is engineered to streamline your process, allowing you to work efficiently and enjoy the task.
    • Aimed to enhance productivity, much like a well-orchestrated assembly line. You'll feel as glamorous as Lucille Ball at the chocolate factory.
  • About our Acetal Trays

    The Better Fly 2.0 comes with 4 acetal trays that hold 6 vials each.


    Acetal Trays:

    • Set of 4 trays that hold six vials each, maximizing space and improving workflow efficiency.
    • Trays are machined from solid acetal, a non-absorbent material that resists smells.
    • We use acetal for durability, chemical resistance, and easy to clean.



    • Perfect for 2ml spray vials.
    • Specifically designed to fit 2ml spray vials commonly used and supplied by Pochpac.
    • For custom-sized trays, please send us an email.



    • Tray weight 39.5g
    • Tray dimensions 20x18x18mm
    • 6 slots for vials
    • Each slot is Ø11mm  and 15mm deep 


    Expand your setup:

    • Need more trays to scale up your operations? Additional acetal trays are available for purchase in our shop. Take your vial closing process to the next level.
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