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About Perfumery Jigs

Once upon a time in 2015, Andy Hsu, co-owner of Sarah Baker Perfumes, noticed Sarah struggling to close sample vials by hand. As a clever inventor and scrap wood enthusiast, Andy quickly devised a simple stapler-like mechanism that provided immediate relief. By 2024, he refined these tools with industrial materials to streamline the sample closing process. Each tool is hand-manufactured and assembled in our London studio. Watch this space—in 2025, we plan to release a tool for closing FEA13 and FEA15 bottles.


Our mission is to help everyone, from hobbyists to big brands and retailers, close their sample vials effortlessly—no more sore hands!


Our tools are manufactured in London, and we ship directly from there.

  • UK Shipping: Free via Evri.

  • Returns: Accepted, but return shipments must be tracked and organized by the customer.

  • International Shipping: Handled by DHL and FedEx.

  • Customs Charges: We are not responsible for any possible customs fees incurred upon importation into your country.


Using our tools infinitely reduces the risk of broken glass in your hand. However, the stapler mechanism is powerful, and glass breakage is still possible. We recommend wearing safety goggles and ensuring the tops are correctly positioned on the glass before pulling the lever.

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10 Martello Street

London, E8 3PE



+44 7597 654859


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